Helping a Premium Cannabis Brand Find its Higher Calling

Brand Identity

Creative Direction Brett Lakanen
Copy Writter Danny Walsh
Creative Support Kalika Yamada
RYTHM, a leader in premium cannabis, knew it wanted to be a brand that stood for good weed and good music. With that in mind, we helped transform and refine its design system with bold new iconography, a confident and clever tone of voice and a lush brand world reminiscent of your favorite music festival. Ultimately, we gave RYTHM a unique and ownable platform in a cluttered category littered with marketing landmines.

I created custom particle wave forms and iconography to be the foundation of our graphic system. They’re each made up of hundreds of individual particles that are a nod to the tiny cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to give cannabis plants their unique profiles. Each graphic is inherently different, and speak to the characteristics of each strain in an abstract but visual way.

All the goods came together in a thorough and robust brand guide book that details every piece of the new system. From creating our distinct particle wave graphics to waxing poetic about weed, this book ensures our signature style shows up at every touchpoint.


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